Issue Debate: For

Conrad Liveris aruges for gay marriage in Australia.

Gay marriage can do nothing more than reinforce Christian values. We are seeing a community fight for a right, which actually upholds the values of their millennia-long oppressors – what could be more satisfying?

If we continue to deny the right of marriage to the community, it might be easier to re-illegalise homosexuality all together. Denying the right of marriage is ridiculous, the people it has a major influence on is the couple themselves; not your MP, or the Archbishop, nor the Queen or Pope. I’m of the view that one injustice is as bad as one hundred, so just forget it, our legislators might as well go for it and make me a criminal once more.

To call this a symbol is detrimental to any argument against gay marriage. I ask all against gay marriage using the ‘symbol’ argument, if it is just a symbol why ought anyone to have it if it is so small and pathetic? I won’t beat around the bush, I do want to get married, and I want the symbol, and that is why I’m asking for it.

Continual denial of gay marriage leads to the depreciation of family and church values. Promotion of living in sin, sex before marriage, bastardisation of their children, amongst others, merely destroys all familial and religious connotations of marriage and relationships; the oppressors are the destroyers.

When you ask the gay community questions on gay marriage, all they want is the option to marry the one they love. An expression of love, and to my knowledge that is why everyone marries. We’re living in a world where we’re seeing homosexuals returning to the Church; we’re not dealing with the immoral, criminal, or even insane, let’s put it into perspective homosexuals aren’t physically, and for many, emotionally hurting anyone – it is an expression, just as much as my opinion on this and other issues is an expression. The recent Australian Human Rights Commission 2011 Freedom of religion and belief in 21st Century Australia shows that there is support for homosexuals in the wider religious community an acceptance by the more conservative elements in society.

For some of you this may be a concerning and offensive viewpoint, but there is nothing more true than to say that gay marriage does strengthen Christian values. The Holy Bible suggests a number of teachings by Christ: worship God; fidelity in marriage; renunciation of worldly goods; renunciation of violence; forgiveness of sins; and unconditional love. If we take these as they are, I find it very easy for gay marriage to fit within the context of Christian values. Taking only the final two, forgiveness of sins and unconditional love, The Bible suggests that we ought to forgive those who act against us, and a love for all – I cannot see how gay marriage is offensive to these values.

In regards to the King James Version, Leviticus 18:22 is translated as “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”, if we are such defenders of an institution that provides unconditional love and forgiveness of sins, then that small line in The Bible is obsolete and ought to be regarded as hypocritical – because the gay community expresses love on the same level as every other group.

Given the context of this publication, there is a strong support amongst youth in Australia for gay marriage, both homosexuals and heterosexuals. Undeniably, Generation Y is becoming a political force, there are large amounts of under-25s becoming activist in this debate; the March 29 Equal Marriage Rally is just one example in Perth of this (for more information on that event:

On a personal note, I’m a gay man in Perth, I hold strong moral and ethical beliefs; I don’t necessarily feel victimised without gay marriage, I know those that do, yet I will support any methods for marriage equality in this country.


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