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Politic-LOLs from 2012

By Angus Duncan


With the upcoming State election in March and a Federal election set for September things can get fairly tense and a bit heated between various political groups. As a way of diffusing the tension I thought I would count down my top 5 politic-lol moments in Australian politics from 2012! Before getting to my top 5 moments, yes there are more funny Labor then Liberal moments. Interpret it as Labor has more of a sense of humour the Liberals if you’re a Labor supporter or if you’re a Liberal supporter Labor treats politics as a joke. Regardless these were some funny moments. If you are a Green’s or any other party supporter just read on and laugh!


5. K-Rudd Dances to K-pop

Poor Kevin Rudd, it has been a tough year for him in politics. Our former Prime Minister has fallen far, down into the depths of having to dance to Gangnam style on Sunrise, or as reporter Michelle Tapper called it ‘Ruddnam Style’ for a bit of media attention. The footage comes across as this awkward moment where Mr. Rudd is forced into showing off his dance moves to Gangnam style, engaging in the horse riding action made famous by the K-Pop sensation Psy. When Ms. Tapper says that Mr. Rudd shares a lot of similarities with Psy, he responds by saying, “”Well he’s got the same charisma as I’ve got … like not a lot.” The video became an instant hit on YouTube with over 22 million hits. All this embarrassment for a story which announced the winner of Mr. Rudd’s competition to design a logo for his upcoming election. The winning logo ‘It’s our Ruddy Future’.


4. Abbot and Pyne do a runner!

What could possibly make federal Opposition leader Tony Abbot and Christopher Pyne make a mad dash for the door?  Having exiled Labor MP Craig Thomson’s vote with the Opposition. During a series of meaningless votes in Federal Parliament Mr. Thompson moved to vote with the Opposition on a gag motion put forward by Labor. The consequence saw the Mr. Abbot and Mr. Pyne sprint for the door. The Opposition has on numerous occasions vowed it would never accept the ‘tainted’ vote of Mr. Thompson. Should the Opposition have accepted Mr. Thompsons vote and made no attempt to leave the chamber it would have created a fairly awkward situation for them. Funnier still even with all his triathlon training Mr. Abbot failed to make it to the door before they were locked, whilst Mr. Pyne did. One might suspect that Labor had something to do with this political stunt. Notwithstanding, the scene put a new twist on running for politics.

3. Rudd loses his sh**

If there is one thing I love in politics it has to be politicians swearing. I don’t know why. Maybe it is simply because we are used to seeing them in a formal setting acting all serious in front of the camera. However, whenever I see a politician drop the f-bomb all I can do is laugh. It is funny. On this swearing front Kevin Rudd delivers. Now most people would be aware that Mr. Rudd is known for having a bit of a potty mouth. The video leaked in February 2012 taken during a Chinese interview really shows the extent to which Mr. Rudd enjoys the occasional F-bomb. “Arghhhh this f**king language,” he says followed by, “Is this that f**king interpreter again.” Funny, but during the short video you do get the sense that Mr. Rudd possibly hates Chinese and their language even when he himself is a Mandarin speaker. The ensuing video remixes and parody’s all made for some comic relief. Regardless if anything it was good to see K-Rudd raw and uncensored.


2. Gillard Pronounces the End of the World

Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard had ago at comedy in 2012 and I have to say she pulled it off. So with the end of the world upon us according to the Mayan Calendar in 2012 Ms. Gillard was approach by Triple J breakfast and asked to do an ad for them for their upcoming end of the world show. Boy, did she give us something that I don’t think anyone was expecting. She announces, “My dear fellow Australians, the end of the world is coming….whether it be by flesh-eating zombies, demonic hell-beasts…. or K-Pop.” To top it off she finishes off by saying, “At least this means I won’t have to do Q&A again.” Her performance was outstanding. Her speech is delivered in the clinical emotionless style that we have come to expect from Ms Gillard during her media appearances. This style made it all the more funny as Ms. Gillard comes across as being dead serious with regards to what she is saying.  My hat really goes off to our PM for this video. Regardless of what the critics say regarding this video it showed Australia that even Ms. Gillard loves having a laugh.


1. Craig Emerson sings No Whyalla Wipeout

I don’t care whether your Greens, Labor, Liberal or whatever you have to admit this was one of the more funnier/stranger movements from 2012. I cringe every time I watch poor Trade Minister Craig Emerson during a media conference on the Carbon Tax sing his version of the Skyhooks Horror Movie. Just the awkwardness that emerges from the silence between the media and the minister waiting 22 seconds for the singing to begin is enough to make your hair stand on end. As a way of diffusing the situation Mr. Emerson starts doing this weird little bopping action which makes him look even more awkward. Then when the singing starts the poor guy appears to be so nervous he rushes the lyrics and finishes before Graeme Strachan (lead singer of the Skyhooks) has a chance to even finish his second “shocking me right out of my brain”. Maybe there was something to that as the performance was just shocking and so unexpected, especially from the usually serious and professional Mr. Emerson. It made for a good example of how not to pull off a political stunt. Just for the sheer awkwardness and the look on Craig Emerson’s face, something like where did my life go wrong to get here, our Trade Minister gets my numbers 1 pick of politic-lols from 2012!


So there you have it, my top 5 funny moments from Australian Politics for 2012. Overall 2012 was a bizarre year in politics, but these moments have made it all the more fun!


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